• Access your National Retailer data anywhere anytime
  • Easy to use and implement - no learning curve required
  • On-demand reporting and analytics
  • Includes phone emailand web support by knowledgeable staff
  • Continually evolving to meet tomorrows needs
  • Multiple solutions to suit your business model

Maximize the Value of QVC Vendor Data

On demand business analytics available to you anytime, anywhere.

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Automated Reports

VendorPal® saves time, delivering Business Summary, PO and New Show reporting to your inbox, automatically. These reports deliver more information, on a daily basis, than you could manually aggregate in one week. VendorPal® will enable you and your staff to spend time answering important questions about your business, instead of aggregating data that is often outdated by the time you get around to analyzing it.

Support Services

Email Phone and Web Conference Support

VendorPal® staff can support your efforts to grow your business with advanced report delivery and additional training, when necessary. If you have a question or need help preparing for a strategic planning session, our knowledgeable team can assist you via live web conference, email or phone support that will take your business analysis to the next level.


Testimonials of our clients

We have helped many different companies, selling in a wide variety of product categories, gain insight into their businesses. Some of our clients have been kind enough to share their thoughts about how VendorPal® has helped them maximize the value of their electronic retail business. Please click here to read their testimonials.

Multiple Solutions

Multiple Solutions for your National Retailer data

VendorPal® has the right solution to help manage your type of business. Whether you manage a single brand or multiple brands, whether you’re a vendor representative, contract manufacturer or a marketing and licensing organization, our advanced platforms can provide the insight you need to perform rapid analysis, enabling you to make quick, informed decisions about the direction of your business. If you haven’t seen VendorPal® in action lately, you are missing an opportunity to save hours of work and take your business analysis to the next level.