For Your Ease Only

"The business big picture, backed up with the relevant slices of the detail, in an easy to read format – that’s what LORI GREINER needs. Not just once a month or quarterly, but daily or even hourly to make decisions, the moment they come up. That’s what VendorPal® provides.  The customized DASHBOARD of our businesses, emailed to our top management each morning, saves time and keeps everyone on the same page, without the need for another long review meeting.  With multiple SHARK TANK businesses and products being added each year, we can compare and track and report data to each partner, automatically.  We couldn’t be happier with VendorPal®."

Dan Greiner
Vice President

Josie Maran Cosmetics

"As a growing brand on National Retailer, having VendorPal® has changed our ability to navigate the complicated back end of the direct response business, by giving us visibility into every aspect of it. We are able to see a wide range of things from, open purchase orders, to an expansive sales recap that includes numbers by day-part, host, and much, much more. We are able to use the search function and look up reviews by SKU, by word and by issue. This has allowed us to, proactively, anticipate potential upsides in future sells and support our on-air guest by making slight changes that have a huge impact.  VendorPal® is an extremely powerful tool in helping us to grow our business at National Retailer."

Ali Alborzi

Joan Rivers Worldwide

VendorPal® has made the process much faster and has allowed us to see the information in new ways – ultimately enabling our company to react more quickly to what the customer wants. We don’t know what we did before VendorPal®!”

Susan Gibson
VP Marketing & Operations

J.W. Oliphant and Associates

"Just a quick note to reiterate how appreciative I am of the time you devote to your VendorPal® clients (me) and the willingness you express to continually improve on this product. I am very happy with the information I am pulling from the program and how in doing so, I continue to add value to the overall representation solution my company provides the National Retailer vendors we call our clients. I look forward to finding even more ways that the powerful VendorPal® program can impart even more information that will help strengthen and grow our existing and new businesses at National Retailer That said, please do not hesitate to call on me to recommend VendorPal® to potential new users as I would easily offer a unique user perspective and glowing satisfaction report.

All the best,

Jeff Oliphant
J.W. Oliphant & Associates, LLC