VendorPal® provides powerful business intelligence software to vendors, vendor representatives and marketing organizations. VendorPal® automatically delivers important business data from multiple sources, saving time and enabling users to instantly answer important questions about their business, at the click of a button, using the most advanced metrics available.

Software Resides on Vendor Server

VendorPal® downloads your important data directly to your server. The server can be a local or remote server, in a physical or virtual environment. The information is saved by your solution, so that you won’t lose access to important business information when the retailer periodically archives their vendor data.

Secure Access

VendorPal® delivers your data securely. Each user is granted a secure login and password by the system and access to certain areas of the program can be restricted, based on your staff’s current access to business information.

Access from Any Device

Convenient access to data is imperative in today's dynamic business environment. VendorPal® is fully compatible with your PC, Mac, tablet, iPhone or Android device and can be accessed using any web browser, giving you the flexibility to view your important Vendor data from any web accessible location.

Daily Recording of All Vendor Data

VendorPal® stores all of your valuable data, in your own server, allowing you to instantly run detailed reports for specific periods. Whether it’s a few days or a specific number of weeks, months or years, VendorPal® instantly gives you exponentially more reporting flexibility with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Access to New Data

VendorPal® enables you and your staff to gain new insight into your business. Every day, you will begin your analysis of the business with vast amounts of data that are delivered automatically, to your inbox. Your team will be able to instantly run reports that were previously impossible to achieve manually.

Continual Development

The goal of VendorPal® is to continually find new ways to acquire and analyze information to strengthen the vendor's relationship and performance with the retailer. The majority of VendorPal® users have decades of experience in electronic retail. Their collective experience has contributed to the growth of the system through their recommendations for new functionality. In most cases, these recommendations become valuable tools for all VendorPal® users.