Every day, VendorPal® automatically delivers advanced reporting to your inbox and gives you the power to instantly answer important questions about your electronic retail business. The system will save you hours, or even days, of work that used to be spent tediously generating manual reports.

Downloads National Retailer Data

VendorPal® includes tools to automatically import all of your vendor data every day, including product images and consumer ratings and reviews, and saves it to your server, so you don’t lose any data when your vendor data is archived. When you log into the system, instead of busy work, you’re ready to immediately answer important questions about your business with just a few clicks of a button.

Multiple Business Dashboards

Whether you manage a single brand or multiple vendors, VendorPal® will automatically generate a daily summary report of your business by brand, vendor, product type or any other characteristic that you choose to segment your business. These reports can be sent, automatically, to your vendors, suppliers, investors or other related third parties.

Purchase Order Action Reports

VendorPal® automatically generates and emails you a daily Purchase Order action report, giving you links to view any New PO’s or PO’s that have been modified or due to ship in the last seven days or next seven days.

On Air Show Reports

VendorPal® automatically generates and emails you a report any time one of your products goes on-air. Whether it’s a dedicated show for your products or just a one-time hit, the system identifies each airing of the product, including which day of the week and the show name, so that you know, immediately, where your products are being shown.

But wait ... there's more!

Incredibly, there is so much more that we can’t possibly explain it all in a few pages of text. Contact Us today and find out about scheduling a web demonstration of the system used by many of National Retailer’s most successful vendors to maximize the value of their National Retailer business.