All businesses have specific characteristics about their products that make them successful. Identifying and monitoring these product-characteristics is one of the most extraordinary components of VendorPal®. We have created a tool that will allow you to use what you already know about your products to analyze your entire business on a whole new level.

About PKC's

Characteristics that help define your product and set it apart from other consumer choices are what we call “product key characteristics” (PKC). VendorPal® staff will help guide you in identifying these characteristics and will populate your product line with these characteristics inside the system, as part of the setup process. Unlike many other programs that have pre-defined parameters and limit the number of variables, VendorPal® allows you to customize your analytical tools to get the most information about your products and their efficiencies, as possible. These characteristics can be tangible or intangible. The only requirement is that they are identifiable to you and your team. The program also allows you to add characteristics at anytime. Thus, as new characteristics emerge, the program will grow to accommodate those needs. Our support team is happy to assist with any future changes to your characteristic selection, as part of the support included with your solution.

Knowing which product characteristics drive your sales can generate many advantages. Incorporating these characteristics into new products will enhance their probability of success. Using VendorPal®, your team will truly develop an understanding of your products and what makes them successful. VendorPal® can help your entire business become more efficient by helping your team make more informed product selection decisions.

Defining your PKC's

The process of defining your product's key characteristics (PKC) starts by taking a detailed look at your product and determining those characteristics that affect its performance. Once the product key characteristics (PKC) have been defined and entered into VendorPal® (by our experienced support team), you will be able to view and analyze product performance by any PKC, or any combination of PKC’s, you may desire.

Listed below are several major PKC categories, as well as many sub-categories. Not all PKC categories will apply to all products and others may include so few items that they do not require such in-depth analysis. These decisions are yours to make when we personalize the system to meet your company's needs. Please do not limit yourself to the categories and sub-categories listed below. They are only meant to be a guide to getting started. There are countless options and the system is built to accommodate as many as you feel necessary. Please feel free to contact a VendorPal representative if you need assistance.

Examples of PKC's

  • Retail price characteristics
  • Non-product value-added characteristics