Many people are involved in making a product successful. Enabling these individuals to communicate, view and analyze the most current information, from new product development to the final sale, is VendorPal®'s primary goal.

Team Support

Full training, for your entire staff, is included with your VendorPal® solution. Whether you need group or individual training, we are happy to schedule convenient web sessions to help you and your team get the information needed to maximize the value of your National Retailer business.

Each member of VendorPal’s staff has many years experience working with National Retailer and its vendors. If you have a question on how to get specific information or need help generating advanced reporting to highlight an area of your business, our knowledgeable team can assist you with a live web session, email or phone support that will take your National Retailer business knowledge to the next level.

If you have a planned meeting at National Retailer or with one of your own vendors, our staff is happy to assist, by providing you with advanced reporting and analysis to help your team make the best decisions possible, incorporating the latest information about your products and business. Our experienced support team will do everything it can to help maximize the value of your National Retailer business.